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Woodn Cladding

Woodn Modulatus - Cladding Profiles.


Woodn Screening

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Woodn Decking

Woodn Aeternus - Decking Profiles.


Woodn Internal Lining

Woodn Ornans - Internal Lining Profiles.

Woodn is a unique wood composite product. The first of its kind in the world, it succeeds in combining two incompatible components, PVC and bamboo fibres, to create a material that has a high aesthetic appeal and superior dimensional stability.

Woodn is the only technical wood that can be used for applications that were previously reserved to ceramic and glass.

Woodn has full-body grain patterns, thanks to an exclusive production process that restores the natural feel and look of wood, making it possible to carry out surface treatments without modifying the grain colour. Furthermore, the grain pattern is random and not repeatable, hence each Woodn profile is visibly unique: like natural materials it gives no impression of being manufactured.