Onyx Solar BiPV - Transparent Low-e PV Glass Building Materials

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Glass BiPV


Onyx Cladding

Onyx BiPV: Low-e Transparent Solar Glass - Ventilated Façade & Curtain Wall Systems.

Floor Tiles

Onyx Facades

Onyx BiPV: Solar Glass - Walkable Floor Tile Products.


Onyx Skylights

Onyx BiPV: Low-e Transparent Solar Glass - Skylights.


Onyx Canopy

Onyx BiPV: Low-e Transparent Solar Glass - Canopy & Pergolas.

Onyx Solar develops building integrated photovoltaic solutions that are used for the replacement of conventional construction materials from different parts of the building’s exterior such as skylights, facades, windows, curtain walls and roofs.

The innovative concept that Onyx Solar brings to the market - Transparent Low-e Solar Glass offers the possibility to add photovoltaic properties to any building envelope from a flexible, customised and aesthetic point counting on cutting-edge solutions which eases the integration of avtive and sustainable constructive materials into any project.