Louvelia - Porcelain & Ceramic Architectural Façade Solutions and Fixing Systems

Louvelia Ceramic Porcelain Architectural Facade Solutions


Terracotta Profiles

LOUVELIA supplies different standard Terracotta shapes. The most common ones are square (50x50 and 60x60mm), rectangular (120x60mm, 150x50mm, 100x50mm), round (50mm or 60mm) and oval (60x30mm, 120x50mm or 150x60mm). It is also possible to customise different shapes.The maximum length is 3500mm for the square and round, and 1500mm for the remaining profiles.


Terracotta Cladding

Two different Terracotta Cladding thicknesses are available: 16mm and 30mm. The profiles of 16mm has a maximum size of 400x1200mm, whereas the 30mm profiles has a maximum size of 600x1500mm. Standard heights are 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600mm and we offer a range of natural colours and glazed colours.


Terracotta Custom

The Extrusion Technology lets us produce different tile shapes by just changing the extrusion-mold. We can produce positive or negative grooved profiles, waved tiles with bigger or smaller waves and triangle shapes.

LOUVELIA is an architectural facade solutions supplier.

We offer customised services in 3 main areas:
1) Architectural Facade Design
2) Engineering Technical Assistance
3) Production and Supply of Materials - Terracotta and Ceramic

LOUVELIA provides architectural design for facades. We offer services from the early concept sketches until final facade definition. We work in collaboration with project principles supporting them to define their vision.

Facade engineering services are offered in substructure design, static calculations, shop and fabrication drawings, BOQ, visual and performance mock up. LOUVELIA Engineering is powered by our sister company FTS.

LOUVELIA selects the most suitable facade fabricators, amongst many, and chooses the optimal facade material for each individual project. We also produce and supply fixing systems and accessories if required.