About Us and What We Do

ArcPlan | Consulting Pty. Ltd. introduces to the Australian and the New Zealand market world renowned Sustainable brands & technologies offering Innovative Built Environment Solutions. With vast experience in the building and the architectural realm we understand and work towards offering the best solution to the request on hand.

We are the suppliers of;

Silbonit - Through Coloured Pre-finished Compressed Fibre Cement façade panels.

Woodn - Engineered Bamboo (WPC) external and internal building products.

Faveton - Terracotta Ventilated Facade Cladding & Baguettes.

Onyx Solar - Transparent Solar Glass (BiPV) modules.

Cembrit - Fibre Cement Façade Systems.

Louvelia - Porcelain & Ceramic Architectural Façade Solutions and Fixing Systems.